Dropshipping with CommerceCore™  

CommerceCore™ provides dropshipping merchants an integrated solution for all your backoffice processes in a single modular database.

On this page, we have consolidated information for our dropshipping customers. You can also test CommerceCore™ for free, and study the user documentation.

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Sales Orders→ Purchase Orders 
CommerceCore™'s powerful routing features allow specific products on Sales Orders to be automatically converted into Vendor Purchase Orders.

Merging Purchase Orders 
Merging Purchase order helps to minimize the efforts and steps in the procurement process so that you can quickly handle, control and track your purchase order from the vendor.

Multiple PO with Single Delivery Note
Save time and money by shipping multiple products with a single delivery order.

Vendor Portal

Order List
Enable vendors to make or modify purchase order quotations through an easy to use Vendor Portal, let the vendor post feedback, and generate a pricelist from the input. 

Tracking Numbers
Thanks to the automatically generated tracking numbers, you can easily keep track of your inventory and ensure that your products are always in stock. The method by which you record receipt of Dropshipped products will depend on your business practices. Because the product is being delivered directly to the customer, you might follow the tracking number on the package to ensure it is delivered, or confirm directly with your customer.

Tracking Numbers 

Send Automatically to Customer
The Send tracking numbers automatically setting instructs the system to automatically send tracking numbers to online customers once they have been uploaded by your DS-vendor, including a tracking link on the shipper's website.

Shop-manager Approval
The manager of the online shop can approve for a list of tracking numbers to be send to customers automatically from CommerceCore™ at the click of a button (also on mobile). The shop-manager receives an email notification when the DS-vendor uploads tracking numbers for a set of orders.

Mail CSV

Mail CSV with Tracking Numbers to Shop-manager
Some vendors may choose to simply email a CSV file back to your shop-manager. They can do this in their vendor portal, or simply reply to the email notification carrying the list of orders to be shipped.

The shopmanager then would add the tracking numbers manually into CommerceCore™, and then notify the same to customers online by email.