Order Management Life Cycle

CommerceCore™ automates and manages the life cycle of an order — from the moment a customer places an order to delivery to post-sales service.

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Incoming Orders

Connectors over API

As an online merchant, your could generate orders from various web-shops and marketplaces. CommerceCore™ fetches your orders automatically and prepares them in a unified view for further processing.


Order Details can be inspected in a detail view, which also allows for modification of the order. Invoice creation is a single click function thereafter.

CommerceCore™ automatically creates Delivery Notes, necessary later in this process for warehouse workers. Read more about Inventory processes here, or test the software.

A very useful feature of CommerceCore™ is the ability to correspond with the customer from within the context of the order.

CSV Imports

In addition to automatic order-imports from shops by API, it's possible to import orders by CSV files. If the CSV files carry a large number of columns, send us a sample anonymised order-file, and we'll advise on the possibilities of importing.

Order Processing

Online from Anywhere

Your order-processing staff can access incoming orders from anywhere in the world, validate them, and pass them into the next stage of delivery, either via your own warehouses, drop shipping partners or from your fulfilment partners.

Order Corrections

Incase the customer requests changes to the contents of the order, shipping address etc., they can be performed on the SaleOrder Detail view. Any correspondence with the customer is logged in the Chatter area, and all followers of the SaleOrder are receive notifications of the communication.

Similarly, changes to order status are posted as an Internal Note.


Intake into Warehouse

Products returned by customers can be tracked as receipts in in the "Returns" location. Ensure to create one before starting productive operation of your Warehouse.

All stock available in the Returns location can be overviewed in Stock Reports.


For returns of stock which have been already paid for by the customer, go to the Invoice module and process a Credit Note for exactly the products that have been returned.

Issuing Invoices

Billing can be accomplished in a single-click, which transfers all contents of a SaleOrder into a Draft status Invoice.

Confirm the Draft Invoice to post Accounting journal records against the specific customer and make the transaction fiscally official in CommerceCore™.

Send by Email

As always, CommerceCore™'s Chatter communication system allows for using email templates for sending out a PDF-copy of the invoice to the customer. The PDF is attached automatically to the email and all Followers of the Invoice receive a copy.


Payments can be registered using the Register Payment button.


If you have a large throughput of daily orders, it is possible with a minor amount of customisation to automate the creation and validation of invoices, either fully automated, or in a multi-select-batch mode.

Order Delivery

Delivery Notes

Once an SaleOrder is Confirmed, CommerceCore™ automatically creates a Delivery Note, including the stock Transfers from the specific warehouse, outbound to the Customer.


In case sufficient stock of the product is not available, it CommerceCore™ allows for triggering a PurchaseOrder. Of course, it is entirely possible to order more stock than required by the specific SaleOrder, for staying sufficiently stocked for upcoming orders.

Pending Shipments

Pending inbound and outbound delivery overview.

See the full documentation on Inventory Management with CommerceCore™.

Purchase on Demand

"Buy" Route to Vendor

As an e-commerce merchant, if you follow a strategy of purchasing certain (or all) products from Vendors once they have been ordered by Customers, CommerceCore™ allows for the automatic generation of vendor PurchaseOrders as soon as a SaleOrder has been Confirmed.

To take advantage. of this feature, configure specific products with the Buy route, under the Inventory tab.

For more complicated stock routing strategies, CommerceCore™ provides a graphical representation of the materials flow path.

RFQ to Multiple Vendors

Coming soon..

See the full documentation on Purchasing with CommerceCore™.

Drop Shipping Orders

Order Notifications

Drop-shipping (DS) partners can receive a notification from CommerceCore™ when an order to be fulfilled is captured.

For a complete description of drop-shipping processes, including Tracking Numbers and Demaind Forecasting, see the full documentation of Dropshipping Processes with CommerceCore™ .